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Hunt Grit is a virtual coaching business for women who are looking for more out of life. We take a different approach to health and wellness by focusing on the mind first. Before you change your body, you must first change your habits. But before you can successfully change your habits, you must first change the way you think. Hunt Grit coaches lay the foundation of growth by using psychology, education, leadership, and sharing our personal experiences while providing our clients with the guidance, support and game plan they need to achieve success. This approach has allowed us to master discipline, self control and awareness, and implementing more balance, all of which we can apply to other areas of our lives, too. We take our clients' and our personal journeys very seriously and have coaches and mentors of our own. We firmly believe in the power of investing in yourself and being lifelong students. We practice what we preach, and we aim to teach longterm sustainability in order to optimize and maximize our quality of life. 

fitness trainer; support; nutrition; workout; transformation

The most valuable and popular program we offer. The Alpha is for the woman who is all in. She's determined, she wants to grow, she wants to improve her habits, she's ready to learn and put in the work, she does well with structure, and she needs support and accountability in her life on all fronts. The Alpha includes structured nutrition plans, custom workout programming, 2 monthly one-on-one mindset calls, weekly check-ins, habit tracking, app access, daily messaging, and community support.

fitness trainer; support; nutrition; workout; transformation

This program is similar to the Alpha, but the difference lies in the format of nutrition coaching. The Goddess is for the woman who is driven, independent, and can receive and implement constructive feedback, but would still like some guidance and affirmation that she's on the right path. The Goddess includes macro tracking and flexible dieting, custom workout programming, 1 monthly one-on-one mindset call, weekly check-ins, habit tracking, app access, daily messaging, and community support.

fitness trainer; support; nutrition; workout; transformation

The Warrior Workout Subscription is the least hands-on of all the programs we offer here at Hunt Grit. The Warrior program does not include one-on-one coaching, nutrition counseling, or mindset calls, but it does provide custom weekly workout programming, access to our app, community support, and email communication.

fitness trainer; support; nutrition; workout; transformation

The Light Keeper is the newest addition to our programs. This is strictly life coaching, without the fitness and nutrition aspect. This program is for the woman who needs someone to talk to, who wants to overcome negativity and limiting beliefs, and who wants to learn how to meditate and connect with her spiritual side. This can feel similar to therapy, except it is action-based coaching to support the client in creating the life she desires. The Light Keeper includes 2 monthly one-on-one mindset calls, journal prompts, guided meditations, tools for time & stress management, daily messaging, and community support.


1. How do I know which program is for me?

During our consultation call, we will get to know each other more, discuss your goals in depth, and I will explain the coaching process to you so we can decide together which program will help you succeed the most.

2. What happens after I reach out?

After you inquire about coaching, I will follow up within 48 hours to send you an in-depth questionnaire to fill out, as well as send you a Calendly link to my schedule so you can choose which day and time work best for you. 

3. What equipment is required for workouts?

We program gym, home, and bodyweight workouts depending on the client, her goals, and what she has access to. The gym will bring the most growth, physically and mentally, but we will work with what you have. 

4. What kind of workouts are included? 

We program using progressive overload. Progressive overload is a strength training method that focuses on a gradual increase in stress placed on a muscle group/s over a period of time. Meaning, if we gradually increase the amount of stress that our muscles can endure over time, the muscles will develop in strength and size. Workouts are always modified for clients who have injuries, restrictions, or physical limitations. 
5. How does the app work?

The app is very user friendly and is free to download in the App Store. You need to be an active client in order to create a login. The purpose of this app is to add value and convenience to your fitness and growth journey! We aim to give you a more interactive experience with your training. Our goal is to provide you with quicker and easier exercise demos, more accountability between you and your coach with workout tracking, progress tracking & wearable-tech syncing, quicker access to check-in forms, mindset call schedule, website & FB group, educational resources, push notifications to remind you of your goals, and even the ability to learn how to build your own workouts. 

6. What experience levels do you work with?

We work with all experience levels. Whether you are a seasoned competitor, a new mom, or have never stepped foot in a gym before, we will meet you where you are and provide the necessary tools and support to ensure your growth and success. We were once beginners, too! 

7. What is a mindset call?

Mindset calls are scheduled 30 or 60 minute calls for active clients who want to discuss a particular topic or struggle with their coach. These calls are incredibly valuable and are where a lot of growth and revelations occur. They are a safe, judgment-free space for the client and coach to connect on a deeper, more vulnerable level. 

8. What is an Alpha call?

These 60 minute weekly community ZOOM calls provide a safe, empowering, fun, judgment-free space to share our struggles and victories. The community is made up of an incredible group of like-minded women from all over the country that all share one major thing in common- we want to grow and improve our lives and ourselves. We strive to be Alpha women. Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter. We rise by lifting others and by realizing how much we truly have in common. We can inspire others through sharing our stories, but we can also find ourselves through listening. No one succeeds alone, and we are never alone.

Some of the many benefits you will gain from being active in this community are:


Improved optimism | Improved self-esteem | Improved mental health | Increased emotional happiness | Self-awareness | Honest perspective | Resources | Support | Accountability | Empowerment & Encouragement | Safe Space | Changed patterns of habit and behavior | Strength in knowledge | Inspired action | New opportunities & networking | Friendship

9. Do I have to commit to 6 months? 

If you want to grow with us, you do. Time will pass regardless, and in 6 months, you will either be a better version of yourself because you took action, or you will be in the exact same spot you are today. We want to work with women who are committed to their growth journeys. 6 months is a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of life.


Refund policy —  Because our online coaching program is a subscription-based service,  no refunds will be given for payments already made. Services are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


Delivery policy — Programs are delivered via multiple platforms including email, our app, Facebook and Whats-app.


Cancellation policy — Clients may cancel out of their term-agreement early with two-weeks notice and they are required to pay a cancellation fee of 20% of the term value (20% of $fee/month x term length)

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