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- Head Coach -

Aubrey is the founder and CEO of Hunt Grit, and The Bride Trainer LLC. She earned her NCSF personal trainer certification in 2015. She is a WBFF Pro Wellness Model, a competitive powerlifter, a business owner, and a former Division 1 college field hockey player and D1 Varsity Cheerleader. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Education, and Leadership, with an emphasis in the Hero’s Journey, from the University of Richmond. She started this business 8 years ago without fully realizing it's potential at the time. What it has blossomed into is beyond her wildest dreams and she feels fulfilled every day getting to live in her purpose of helping women get more out of life. She attributes her passion for coaching to the amazing coaches, mentors, and therapists that have had a significant impact on her life.

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- Mindset Coach -

Jamie is an IIN Certified Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Through her education and experience, Jamie empowers her clients to take on their health from a holistic standpoint and to be more intentional with their time and energy. Jamie is passionate about connecting with and understanding her clients and helping them improve how they manage time and stress, make more mindful decisions that positively affect their health, and improve their relationship with themselves. 

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