Client Success Stories

Aubrey is amazing to work with. She was able to put my wants and needs into a system that I could work with. I was still able to enjoy myself and live my normal life with a few tweaks here and there. She was so helpful in planning my weekly diet and made sure I was happy and enjoying the food I was eating. The workouts were just the right amount of tough to keep my motivated and wanting to work out! I was able to lose 20 lbs in about 4.5 months in preparation for my (now postponed) wedding. Aubrey’s constant guidance and motivation helped me to succeed in hitting my goals. She is tough but understanding and continues to support you even when you are feeling low. My confidence and overall body image is continuing to get better every day. I feel better now than when I was a 2 sport Division III athlete 8 years ago. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone!

Megan M.


When you agree to work with Aubrey Hunt, you better get ready for a couple of things. First, she's going to be all about details. Your health and happiness aren't a game to her. She knows what she's doing and lays things out in a way that other trainers and apps just don't. Second, she's as tough as they come. You will complete a couple of days of the plan and you will be sore (so much so that you may even curse her name a couple of times), but you will immediately be able to tell a difference in how you feel. 


Lastly, Aubrey is going to be there for you — day or night. I've done online training with her a couple of times and for one reason or another had to put things on hold. Every time I got back in a groove, Aubrey was helpful, positive and caring. Recently I had some unexpected circumstances arise and Aubrey did absolutely everything she could to help me. It went way beyond fitness training and honestly, reminded me how important it is to have someone watching out for your well-being. She's the kind of trainer who makes you want to be dedicated not only for yourself, but for her, too. 


Lauren S.


I’ve been training online with Aubrey for five months and wish I started sooner. I was skeptical that training remotely could work, but Aubrey is extremely effective at motivating me and holding me accountable even though I don’t see her in person. I am continually impressed by the time and effort she puts into personalizing my regimen to fit my goals and schedule. She’s always willing to tailor my meals and workouts if I need to make any changes. She‘s available practically around the clock to answer questions. A few months ago I couldn’t run for more than five minutes without feeling exhausted. Now I actually enjoy and even look forward to doing cardio. I used to be so self conscious just setting foot inside the weight room at my gym, and now I feel like I belong there. I have seen incredible results since I started training with Aubrey, and I’m so grateful that she’s given me the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term.


Becca F.


As a singer/actor, building endurance is super important to give the audience your best performance. I would feel a little sluggish sometimes on stage and didn’t feel satisfied when I’d looked back on pictures of myself thinking “I could do better”. I’ve tried everything from Fad Diets, “21 Day Fixes”, waist trainers, to wandering around cluelessly at the gym. The results I received from all these attempts pales in comparison since training with The Bride Trainer herself. Aubrey is a wonderful trainer; Compassionate, understanding, and completely devoted to her work and clients. I have chosen online training because it allows me the flexibility I need for my crazy schedule. Whenever I’m traveling or have a question about what to order at restaurants, Aubrey is accommodating and always replies to my concerns. It’s only been six months but now I can’t go anywhere without being asked by old friends and fellow actors about my weight loss success story. I feel so strong, light, sexy and confident in my own skin that I just can’t wait to get back on stage and show the world all my hard work! But most importantly I feel happier (Endorphins are real!!)  If you are 100% serious about committing to a healthy realistic lifestyle (and want to get recipes for healthy pancakes and cookies) Aubrey is yo girl! :D <3

Dana R.


I’ve been training with Aubrey since January 2, 2017 and throughout the past ~11 months she has become a trusted neighbor, my accountability partner, and a close friend. She helped me meet my fitness goals for one of the most important days of my life- my wedding. Her and Terrence flew out to California to attend our wedding, which is something not many trainers would do. They invested time and money to attend our special day across the country!


I would have never utilized the apartment gym the way I do now if it wasn’t for her. I was always hesitant to use the machines and the weights because I wasn’t confident enough to use them. I was afraid I’d hurt myself, hurt others, or break the equipment. Aubrey always ensures we are using the equipment properly and respectfully. She models and teaches great gym etiquette. Furthermore, she makes sure I use the equipment safely and do the exercises with precise form to prevent injury. I was recovering from surgery when I started training with Aubrey and also had previous back/neck issues that limited my ability to workout or at least I thought before Aubrey became my trainer. She used her experience and expertise to create workouts that were safe and effective. She created a community of women who enjoyed working out and were inspired/motivated to push themselves in ways they never knew they could. I love seeing her other clients/fellow residents at the gym. We motivate each other and that is because of Aubrey. She has always been very respectful of other peoples’ space and work out routine. Another benefit of Aubrey being such a huge presence in the gym is that she is aware of the regular gym goers' routines and knows what to expect from the regulars and is able to adapt and adjust accordingly. For example, she knows what my husband typically does so she creates a workout plan that does not interfere with his. She also knows who typically does not put the weights back, which makes it hard for some of us to remove so she does it for us. She is often the one putting things back what others leave behind. She offers encouragement and guidance to other residents that are not her clients simply because helping people meet their goals is her passion. 

Kristine V.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Aubrey for about 9 months since she started training me during the early part of this year. During this time I have come to know that she is courteous, personable, and professional in all or her dealings with clients and others. During our training sessions, which sometimes take place in the Mark at Brickyard Community Gym, she is always conscious of the needs of other users. Before using a piece of equipment she always asks if it is being used, it there is anyone around. Additionally, she takes it upon herself to ensure the equipment is cleaned, even if she has not used it. On many occasions when young children (under age 7) come into the gym without parental supervision, she pauses the training session to ensure that the children do not get hurt and do not destroy the equipment. She has hosted fitness classes at the complex which have benefited the community as a whole, and have fostered close relationships with neighbors.

Fitness and professionalism are her brand, and I can attest to the fact that she takes both extremely seriously.


Kibbi H.


I've been working with Aubrey for almost 4 months and deciding to do online training was one of the best decisions I have made. She puts together comprehensive meal plans/workouts based on you and your fitness goals. From there, not only does she check in on you to see what support you need, but she is always available for questions or if you're in need of a little extra motivation. She is extremely knowledgable and even though I have never met her- I feel like I have! 

Within the first month of following the meal plans/workouts I saw progress towards my results. Every month that I continue I can see more and more improvement. I feel leaner and stronger than I have in years and it is totally thanks to Aubrey. I would highly recommend online training with Aubrey to anyone who is dedicated to their fitness goals and looking for an excellent partner to help you achieve them.


Eleanna A.



I would not have been able to achieve the level of fitness I have without Aubrey. Aubrey understands how the body works-- in fact, I was impressed my first session when she noticed there was a problem with my hip and recommended I see a chiropractor. She educates you on each exercise, why it is important, and the possible side effects if it is done incorrectly. I highly recommend Aubrey!


Jackie P.



I came upon Aubrey when I was looking for a coach for my daughter (Sydney) to help her with conditioning (she also wound up also doing strength training with Aubrey). Sydney was going to be playing field hockey as an incoming freshman for a very good team. The coach gave out their summer packet, which included a very tough conditioning test to the tune of 45 minutes of sprinting and also pyramid pushups (Google it to see how much fun those are!). All the players were told that they had to pass this test to play on the team. I was impressed with Aubrey from the outset. Unlike other coaches we interviewed, Aubrey did a complete workup of Sydney including a battery of questions ranging from health history to her goals. Because she took such a detailed history, Aubrey immediately saw that Syd needed immediate attention to her nutrition (she was only eating twice a day). Aubrey gave Syd a customized meal plan, and in a matter of days Syd noticed WAY more energy and she no longer felt depressed or tired. After a few weeks of this new nutrition plan and strength training with Aubrey, Sydney had visible results. We could see muscle tone and definition in her arms and legs and people were commenting on it. It was really cool to watch the transformation. Then it came time for the dreaded sprint test. There were several times during the test where Syd thought she could no longer go on. Aubrey knew EXACTLY what was happening and what to do. She knew this was all mental. With a cool, calm demeanor, she coached Syd through this mental glass ceiling and Sydney successfully passed the test. When it came time to do it in college, she was one of only a few people to pass it. All thanks to Aubrey's expert skills. You hear stories all the time about someone crashing through a mental barrier or a self-limiting belief. To see this happen in person, to my own daughter, was both amazing and inspiring.

I can't say enough good things about Aubrey. She is a true professional. is passionate about what she does, cares deeply about her clients, and more importantly she is a MASTER of her craft. My only regret is that we found her so late in the summer. Sydney is looking forward to coming back and training again with Aubrey during winter break and again next summer. I highly recommend Aubrey as a personal trainer, she's the best I've ever seen (and I have seen quite a few!).

Ken A.


"The day before my first training session with Aubrey I was nervous and extremely embarrassed for her to see my physical faults. As soon as I met her and finished my first session I knew everything was going to be great. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. During our sessions you can see Aubrey's dedication and passion for her work. Aubrey always showed me how to perform any new exercise and helped me to adjust myself if I was doing it wrong to prevent any injuries. She gave me the motivation voice to keep going when in my head I wanted to stop. She knew I had it in me to keep going and push through. Aubrey's positive energy and reassurance helped me to build confidence in myself that I didn't know I had. I'm so grateful I took the first step to start training with her.  She started out as a personal trainer, but has turned into a great friend!"


Lisa R.



​"Aubrey was my personal trainer at Equinox in NYC. After only 6 sessions, I was more fit and toned than I'd been in years! Aubrey has taught me how to feel comfortable in the gym, particularly using free weights. Aubrey motivated me to push myself, and explained everything so clearly, that I now feel confident working-out on my own. I definitely recommend anyone to use Aubrey as a personal trainer, if you're looking to feel good and look good, and get in shape!”


Amy B.



 “I worked out with Aubrey for 3 months at Equinox in Manhattan. We always had a good time. :) She knew how to challenge me but never went above my limits. We usually met twice a week and she always surprised me with new exercises. I really liked working out with her.”


Anita S.



​"My personal trainer, Aubrey, is great! She is energetic, friendly, and very in shape herself. She makes the workouts fun and she pushes me. In one month of working with her, I’ve seen incredible results. I’ve gained strength in my arms, core, and legs, and lost body fat in places I didn’t want it! She is organized and creates structured and balanced high intensity strength programs, but also designs a cardio program for me to do on days that I don’t work out with her. Aubrey listens to what I want, but also knows what I need, and she finds a happy medium. She has also educated me on nutrition so that I have enough energy. Train with her and you will be healthier, happier, and feel more beautiful than ever.”


Sandra A.


​"When I first met Aubrey I was extremely out of shape and yearning to get back into the game of fitness. Being a previous full time athlete I had certain expectations for my personal trainer and Aubrey exceeded those expectations in ways I could not imagine! I had a dream of playing professional soccer (which I am still pursuing) but I needed some help getting started again and Aubrey was my gal. As a athlete I could immediately see changes. I went from running 1 mile sluggishly to running 2 miles with an incline and timed. My workouts started going faster simply because my body was able to handle more work due to Aubrey’s awesome program she made just for me. As a woman I noticed changes that all women working out love to see. After a month with Aubrey and her keeping me on a healthy diet I went down 2 pant sizes. A personal trainer is someone who should be there for you as a coach, advisor, and friend. When you can barely breathe and you have 20 more minutes left in your workout you need a coach to tell you to keep at it and don’t give up. When you are struggling with your weights and positioning or even basic dietary knowledge you need an advisor to explain and teach you what is right and wrong. And when you feel down and defeated you need a friend to tell you that this moment will pass and you will get to your goal if you keep working. Aubrey is all of these things and more. She is able to accommodate anyone whether it is someone trying to go professional or a mom who just wants to lose that baby fat. Any one would be lucky to have her as their personal trainer and I sure know I am.”


Kinzie K.



​"My first personal training experience was with Aubrey and I can honestly say she is amazing! Her positive attitude and continuous motivation always kept me going. Every session, Aubrey had a huge smile on her face and was prepared to push me to do my best - and she did! Beyond being extremely knowledgeable and designing a series of workouts tailored around my personal fitness goals, Aubrey is very genuine and lots of fun to train with! For anyone looking for a transformational personal training experience, I highly recommend Aubrey! She will make you feel and look amazing, faster than you think!"


Maddie C.



​"Hey Aubrey. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are such an inspiration everyday. Being on the Edge with you I remember you always pushed everyone to do their best and I always admired that about you. My sophomore year of college I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and was only recently cleared to start exercising again and it has been hard to get back into it, but your posts everyday get me motivated that even though I only can do a little right now, that doesn't mean that it's going to be like that forever. I met a woman at the hospital last month that reminded me of you. She had epilepsy, thyroid and ovarian cancer and she told me that being labeled sick is nothing, if you have the motivation and will to get better you can. I just wanted to share that with you because I think you're such an inspiration and you should never stop."


Katie K.



​"Hey Aubrey! Just wanted to let you know how amazing you are. I've been seeing the Bride Trainer popping up all over Facebook and it's just fabulous! I'm currently in training to become a yoga instructor, so seeing all of your self- marketing is really inspiring. I'd love to talk to you about it sometime! Your website is wonderful, so any advice you may have would be great, since you seem to be doing so well with it! I'm so happy for you and I hope you have all the success in the world in being the Bride Trainer. Hard work is always certain to pay off. Hope to talk to you soon!"


Nora B.



"Hey Aubrey. I am very impressed but not surprised at your motivation and inspiration to start your own business. The website is great and with your unparalleled work ethic you will undoubtedly be successful. I will promote your company whenever I can and would recommend you to all comers. You are as beautiful as ever and I wish you all the best. Thanks for reaching out to me and never forgetting me. I never forget my best students and you are at the very top of that list! You have truly been blessed by God with many talents and you have honored Him by using them all, serving others along with your family and friends. Great to hear from you and do stay in touch. Good luck with the business and I will send as many folks as I can your way."


Terry S.



"Aubrey, you're an inspiration and a friend. Your work ethic and dedication are unparalleled. Any one who chooses you for guidance on their way to a healthy life is guaranteed success. Thank you for your light and moxie. Keep changing lives and keep electrifying people with your heart and devotion."


Onyx M.



"A year and a half ago I made the nutritional changes to lose over 50 pounds after having children. However, my endless cardio workouts were not getting me to where I wanted to be. When I started working with Aubrey, she taught me what I was doing wrong in the gym and how to maximize my time spent working out. Her workouts are challenging, but fun and she is very supportive and encouraging. I learned how to incorporate so many different exercises into a strength training routine and now my cardio is quality,not quantity! I am now seeing the changes in my body that weren't happening when I was simply plugging away at cardio and not challenging myself. On a side note, Aubrey really cares about her clients. Besides making sure my form was good on all the exercises to prevent injury, she kept in correspondence on the days we didn't meet to make sure I was feeling good, keeping up with her suggested workouts on my off days and being supportive. It's like having a trainer and a friend all wrapped into one. I'm so excited to have the right tools to reach my goals and to know Aubrey!"


Antonietta H.



"Aubrey is not my first experience with personal trainers, but she is the best. She took the time to learn my goals and more about my habits. She was flexible to fit my schedule, even for the early morning workouts. She showed up ready to go, and she pushed me through every exercise. She explained and demonstrated each movement and would help me adjust if I did it incorrectly, while explaining the importance of the proper form for that particular movement. She was generous with her time even outside of the gym. She was available via text and email to help with meal plans. In one instance, I was craving Chipotle. She helped me to adjust my order to make it slightly healthier. She invests her time into her clients and has a passion for personal training and physical fitness. She has helped me truly adjust my lifestyle incrementally and consistently. I would recommend her strongly as a prime example of motivation and a phenomenal personal trainer."


Maura Q.



"I started working with Aubrey recently, and am so excited for what's to come in the next few months. I'm thrilled with how I feel so far despite that 50 yr old body that hasn't worked out regularly since he was 38. Aubrey is patient, thorough and always prepared for our workouts that she's tailored to me. She took time to discuss my goals prior to putting a plan together, and isn't afraid to challenge me to new heights already. No games, no nonsense, no pity - she won't let me get away with slacking and I love that about her approach. Aubrey takes her craft seriously and cares about her clients reaching their goals. Looking forward to more!"


Adlai C.



"I must admit I approached last night's workout with The Bride Trainer with a bit of trepidation. That first work out while coming off an injury is never easy. I wanted to protect the injured area and in my head had thoughts of holding back. After the first two reps, I knew I was in excellent hands. Aubrey tailored my workout to "my come back" and watched my form with every motion. I left feeling confident, stronger (mentally and physically), and truly on my way back while leaving my injury behind. Today, I awoke feeling it in all the right places. Thank you Bride Trainer! You are absolutely the best!!" 

Marie H.