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The program you will find inside is the exact 16-week progressive overload ab program that prepared me for the WBFF World Stage. We encourage you throughout this program to challenge yourself, open your mind, strengthen your core (physical and mental), and build positive habits that push you in the direction you want to go. We discuss the truth behind core training and the roles that nutrition, adherence, and habits play in developing your abs. I also share my personal journey and the mindset shift that kept my adherence at 100% throughout my rigorous prep. 


Who is this for? It's for everyone. You don't have to be a competitive bodybuilder to take on this challenge. This is a 16-week program designed for anyone who wants to commit to themselves and go on a self-improvement journey. If you want to tighten your midsection, learn more about strength training, and unlock the keys to discipline and consistency, this is the book for you!

How To REALLY Train Your Abs

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