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Fitness and Life Coaching
for Women
Air Pressure


woman with muscle definition; transformation
woman in gym; transformation; before and after
female weight loss; before and after; transformation
female weight loss; woman in bikini; before and after
woman with muscle definition; fitness; before and after
before and after; woman with muscle; transformation
Light and Shadow


We inspire women to embrace their story, so that together we can unleash our Alpha alter egos to empower and impact the world.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we cared more about our personal progress and less about other’s opinions? Success in life manifests from creating a growth mindset. We maintain an open-mind to think outside the box and stretch all possibilities to achieve the extraordinary. We live long, healthy and happy lives, understanding our approach to fitness deserves to be holistic and sustainable, not restrictive and overnight. We live outside of our comfort zone and work passionately hard for what we desire. We set big specific goals and embrace collaboration to achieve them. We create impact through our self-love, confidence, happiness, and an undying desire to be the powerful and strong women we were created in this universe to be. We illustrate an honest picture of what mental and physical transformation embodies. We stand up to the judgements of society. We use our voice to inspire change. We rise up in the face of adversity and get back up stronger after we fall. We thrive in the power of community and provide a safe, judgment free space to flourish. We impact the world through empowering and uplifting ALL women who cross our path.

Confidence. Independence. Love. Freedom.

We are the Alpha Division.

Pink Gradient

Be like a flower. Survive the rain, but use it to grow.

build muscle; lose fat; woman in gym
female fitness; woman with muscle
woman in fitness; kettlebell; weight loss
woman flexing muscle; gym
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Daily Communication
  • Whatsapp Text Messaging
  • Habit Accountability
  • Exercise Video Feedback
  • 1-on-1 Voice notes
  • Community Group Chats
  • Join the Alpha Division for 24/7 Support
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Mindset Calls
  • Scheduled 1-on-1 phone calls for coach & client to connect more deeply on wins & obstacles
  • A safe, non-judgmental space to address challenging questions and overcome limiting beliefs
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Hunt Grit App Access
  • Custom programming assigned via app
  • Track your daily fitness activities
  • Track weight and other body metrics
  • Push notifications to hold you accountable
  • Extensive exercise library
  • Clear 3D & video demonstrations
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