Grit (noun): Courage and resolve. Strength of character. 


Hey there. I'm Aubrey and I am a certified fitness and nutrition coach whose passion lies in changing women's lives, building confidence, gaining self worth, and helping women feel amazing in their own skin.

If you feel stuck and are ready to make a change, I'm your coach. If you love to work hard in the gym and in the kitchen but don't exactly have the right game plan, I'm your coach. If you need an extra motivational push to get going and keep going, I'm your coach. If you have the desire to change but struggle with discipline, I am your coach. 

I am a former Division 1 athlete, former Equinox personal trainer, business owner, entrepreneur, fitness competitor, professional motivator, and certified bad ass. My Bachelor's Degree is Motivational Psychology and my goal is to help you build a confident, independent, and sustainable lifestyle.


No more fad diets, no more quick fixes, no more 20-day cleanses or 30-day challenges, no more smoothie experiments, no more waist trainers, no more unsustainable living. If you want real science, real food, a balanced nutrition plan, challenging strength and cardio workouts, and are willing to work your ass off, you're in the right place.


No more excuses, no more waiting til next month, no more waiting until you can't even look at yourself in the mirror. 

Choose yourself, now. Today, not tomorrow. Be stronger than your excuses. The only thing standing between you and your goals is you!


If you keep waiting until you're ready, you'll be waiting the rest of your life.




There are several benefits to online training. When you train in person, the client is tied to a schedule and is forced to workout when I have them booked, not necessarily when it fits their life. The client pays on average 33% more. When training via satellite I, the trainer, can afford time to oversee the client's diet, the single most important thing in the entirety of fat loss and muscle gain. It is safe to say working out without detailed instructions on how to eat is pointless. You don't have the pay fees to a gym and feed the pockets of the higher ups. The client pays more on average for maintenance of the gym/administrative employees than they do for their training. In short, exponentially less cost to the client. I, the trainer, can afford the energy and attention to each client as I'm not on my feet 15 hours per day as I am in personal training. 

End result: way less money for the client, better results, less pressure to adhere to a strict schedule, taking care of food-the single most important part of training, and more personal care. 



The consultation process is free and done via phone call or Facetime, where we get to know each other and you tell me about your goals and fitness history. I will send you an in depth questionnaire to fill out, that covers your fitness routine, medical history, nutritional habits, stress levels, and lifestyle. Following the consultation, I begin designing your program. Workouts are sent weekly (every Sunday night) with videos for each exercise. If you need additional explanation on how to perform an exercise, I am happy to do that. The workouts are designed with your goals in mind, how often you can realistically exercise throughout the week, how much time you have to exercise, and what gym you have access to (for equipment purposes). I can accommodate any gym, as well as provide at-home and hotel workouts.


I also design a meal plan for you to follow, and it is created using macronutrient partitioning. It is designed specifically for YOUR body- no cookie cutter plans here.   In the questionnaire, you’ll tell me what foods you like and what foods you don’t like, and I design a plan for you that uses a flexible dieting approach- the meals are enjoyable but will also help you reach your goals.  Nutrition is commonly overlooked and highly underrated when it comes to success in the gym. You cannot out-work a bad diet. 


We have mandatory weekly checkins, where you send me your weight once per week and progress photos so I can track your progress as I wouldn't be seeing your body in person. These photos are 100% confidential and for my eyes only. Based on your weekly progress, I make the necessary changes to your program. I also provide 24/7 access to you, help you with travel as far as planning meals and workouts that require no equipment, assist when going to restaurants on what to order, offer mindset calls, send weekly advice and education as well as motivational messages, provide guided meditations, and am available to you for questions, coaching, and motivation- all day, every day.


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